Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping


The Owner's Lounge with: Susanne Tovek

Henrik von Eckermann riding Toveks Mary Lou (Photo: Ashley Neuhof / Rolex Grand Slam) Henrik von Eckermann Toveks Mary Lou (Photo: Ashley Neuhof / Rolex Grand Slam)


Can you tell us about your family’s background, how did you become part of the equestrian world?

I have been interested in horses my whole life. When I was young, I would go to the stables everyday after school. My husband, Gregor, also grew up around horses so we have been part of the equestrian world for a long time. Both of our daughters begun riding when they were small children – originally Isabella liked dressage more and Evelina was more interested in show jumping.

Mary Lou is a very special horse who achieved a lot in her career, can you tell us about when you first saw her and why you wanted to buy her?

Evelina was training with Henrik when we found out that Toveks Mary Lou was going to be sold. We saw the partnership that Henrik had with her, so we decided to buy her so that Henrik could keep riding her and she would be able to compete for the Swedish teams. We also bought her to be an ambassador for our family company Toveks Bil as well as our sponsor.

Were you at The Dutch Masters when she won the Rolex Grand Prix there? How did that feel?

Evelina and I were at The Dutch Masters when Henrik and Toveks Mary Lou won. It was such an amazing feeling. I was so proud of the two of them and it is such a happy memory for me.

Do you form a strategy together of how best to compete the horses throughout the year?

We trust Henrik completely with our horses – so he makes all of the plans for the horses.

How do you decide which horses to give to Henrik and which to give to your daughter, Evelina?

Nowadays, we keep most of the horses for Evelina, but Henrik still rides a few. For example, he rode Hollywood V at The Dutch Masters.

What excites you about the sport of show jumping and keeps you hungry to be a part of it?

We love it – it is such an exciting and interesting sport. Watching the incredible horses and riders working together and forming incredible partnerships to win some of the biggest classes in the world is so amazing.

Do you have a plan of how and when you are going to purchase horses? What attributes are you looking for when you purchase a horse?

Horses are so unpredictable, and everything can change so quickly so we are always looking for talented horses, and if there is an opportunity to buy a talented horse then we usually will take it. We have both dressage and show jumping horses and we really love the ones that we have at the moment.

How has the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping enhanced the sport?

It has been incredible for the sport. Every rider wants to win it, so they are pushing the boundaries to strive for continuous improvement, in both themselves and their horses, to be able reach their goal. The quality of horses and riders now in the world is phenomenal.

Have you been involved in any different sports?

After winning the Swedish and European championship (rallycross) several years we decided together with our partner to sell-off the car and stop with rallycross in order to focus on equestrian sport and our daughters.


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